Granton Baptist Church

Granton Baptist Church – the present church – Click to enlarge

Granton Baptist Church – the present church

Photo: W Henderson, 02/04/2007

Granton Baptist Church
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Name and Denomination

Original Name Granton Baptist Church
Original Denomination Baptist Church
Present Name Granton Baptist Church
Current Denomination Baptist Church

The church was known for some years as Granton (Francis Johnstone Memorial) Church.

Design and Construction

Built (present building) Architect
1992 D J Flett

The Pastors

Date Name
1940-1946 Rev Peter S Bryans
1946-1949 Rev John D B Robertson
1950-1956 Rev Donald P McCallum
1956-1958 Rev Arthur P Lee
1960-1966 Rev Peter E Purkiss
1968-1980 Rev C Ernest Barnes
1982-1995 Rev Andrew B Scarcliffe
1996-1997 Rev Peter A MacRaild
1999- Rev Ian R Dickie

The origin of the church can be traced back to 1939. Following a period when services were held in the homes of members of the congregation, a temporary hall was built, known as ‘The Hut’.

It was felt that a more permanent building was needed and, with much of the cost being met by the sale of a former Baptist Church at Marshall Street, in the Bristo area of Edinburgh, a new building was opened in 1952.

A new hall followed in 1971/1972.

A new church building was constructed in 1991/1992, which is the building presently used by the congregation.

Over the years the church has been home to many organisations, including youth organisations.

In addition to the pastors listed above, the church has had the support and involvement of many people over the years.

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