St. Serf’s Parish Church

Inverleith St Serf’s Parish Church – Click to enlarge

St. Serf’s Parish Church

Photo: D King, 01/03/2008

Inverleith St Serf’s Parish Church – Click to enlarge

St. Serf’s Parish Church

Photo: W Henderson, 17/03/2008

St. Serf’s Parish Church
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This church was built at the turn of the twentieth century, at a time when the surrounding area was being developed. The building is at the corner of Ferry Road and Clark Road, which was a newly formed road at the time.

An architectural competition was held for the design of the church, the winner being an Edinburgh architect, George Mackie Watson. The church was built in 1901, and a single storey extension was added in 1924. After World War II, a new hall and other accommodation was added to the north of the church itself. The hall has for some years been used as a venue for Edinburgh Festival Fringe productions.

St. Serf’s Church amalgamated with the former Inverleith Parish Church in 2011 to form a new congregation, known as Inverleith St. Serf’s. They chose to use the St. Serf’s building as their main place of worship, and initially used the former Inverleith Church as halls. Inverleith Church was subsequently sold to the Edinburgh Tabernacle.

There are more photographs of the church on the church᾿s own website – see link below.

Name and Denomination

Original Name St. Serf’s Parish Church
Original Denomination Church of Scotland
Present Name St. Serf’s Parish Church
Current Denomination Church of Scotland

Design and Construction

Built Architect
1901 George Mackie Watson

The Ministers

Date Name
1902-1916 Rev D G Hamilton
1917-1926 Rev Charles Houlston
1927-1946 Rev George J Wright
1947-1976 Rev Frank G Findlay M.A.
1976-1983 Rev Mr Beatty
1983-1991 Rev W S Peat
1991-1998 Rev Dr Peter Donald
1998-2010 Rev Sara Embleton
2010-2011 Rev Dr John Stevenson (locum)

Rev Sara Embleton kindly provided a history of St. Serf’s from its formation until the 1990s. I am very grateful to her for this.

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