Seventh Day Adventist Church

(former Granton Congregational Church)

Seventh Day Adventist Church – Click to enlarge

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Photo: W Henderson, 02/04/2007

Seventh Day Adventist Church
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This church was built as Granton Congregational Church. It subsequently became Granton United Reformed Church. In recent years, the building has passed to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and now is home to their only congregation in Edinburgh.

Granton Congregational – Click to enlarge

Inside Granton Congregational Church (1st September 1951). This shows the detail of the altar and hand pumped Church Organ. The picture is of the Wedding of Janet Aitken Quinn and Hugh Gordon Smith (both residents of Granton Terrace).

Photo: Courtesy of Hugh Gordon Smith

Granton Congregational Church – Click to enlarge

Granton Congregational Church Cub Scout Troup (circa 1949/50). (This photograph has been lightly photo-edited to remove damage.)

Photo: Courtesy of Hugh Gordon Smith

Name and Denomination

Original Name Granton Congregational Church
Original Denomination Congregational Church
Present Name Seventh Day Adventist Church
Current Denomination Seventh Day Adventist

Design and Construction

Built Architect
1936 Frank Flood MacDonald

Current Minister

Date Name
2019 Pastor Gabriel Perea
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