Wardie Parish Church

Wardie Parish Church – Click to enlarge

Wardie Parish Church

Photo: D King, 01/03/2008

Wardie Parish Church
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Name and Denomination

Original Name Wardie UP Church
Original Denomination United Presbyterian Church of Scotland
Name 1900 – 1929 Wardie UF Church
Denomination 1900 – 1929 United Free Church of Scotland
Present Name Wardie Parish Church
Current Denomination Church of Scotland

Design and Construction

Built Architect
1892 John McLachlan

Some Ministers

Date Name
1952 Rev James Rennie M.A.
1960 Rev James Rennie
1974 Rev Thomas Thomson M.A.
2008 Rev Brian Hilsley
2015 Rev Ute Jaeger-Fleming
2020 (vacancy)

This church was built as a United Presbyterian church, the motivation and initial funding coming from James Fleming, a businessman who lived nearby.

At the time, the area around Wardie Church was developing, with new streets being formed and many new houses being built.

The church hall was built first, in 1886, and was also designed by John McLachlan. It replaced a temporary wooden hall. The present church was constructed in 1892-1893. The church was opened in 1893. The building was enlarged in 1899-1900, by another architect (McLachlan had died in 1893). In 1999 a new hall was built and other alterations carried out.

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