Northern Lighthouse Board fleet

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This list shows the names of the Northern Lighthouse Board vessels in order, and gives a link to details of each vessel on the main page about the lighthouse vessels.

I hope you will find it helpful if you are looking for details of a particular vessel. Names were re-used, sometimes many times, and the numbers shown here are for reference – they were not carried on the vessels as there was only one vessel of a given name at any one time.

Name of vessel Number Click link for information Click link for more photos
ARGYLE - Argyle -
BERNERA - Bernera -
DHUHEARTACH - Dhuheartach -
FINGAL - Fingal more photos
FRANCES - Frances -
FRANCES II Frances (II) -
HESPERUS II Hesperus (II) -
JANET - Janet -
THE LIGHTHOUSE YACHT - The Lighthouse Yacht -
MAY I May -
MAY II May (II) -
PATRIOT - Patriot -
PRINCE OF WALES - Prince of Wales -
PHAROS I Pharos -
PHAROS II Pharos (II) -
PHAROS IV Pharos (IV) -
PHAROS V Pharos (V) -
PHAROS VI Pharos (VI) -
PHAROS IX Pharos (IX) more photos
PHAROS X Pharos (X) -
POLE STAR II Pole Star (II) more photos
POLE STAR III Pole Star (III) more photos
POLE STAR IV Pole Star (IV) more photos
PRINCE OF WALES - Prince of Wales -
REGENT - Regent -
SIGNAL - Signal -
SIR JOSEPH BANKS - Sir Joseph Banks -
SKERRYVORE I Skerryvore -
SKERRYVORE II Skerryvore (II) -
SMEATON - Smeaton -
TERRIBLE - Terrible -
WHALSAY - Whalsay -
(LIGHT VESSEL) - Light Vessel -
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