Granton Gas Works

Gasholder No 1

According to the designer, "the gas holder has proved to be much more prominent for many miles around Edinburgh than I had any conception at the time."

The gasholder was a four lift telescopic holder – in other words, it consisted of sections which slid one inside the other. Its diameter was 252’ 6” and its total height was 157’ 6”.

Lift Diameter Depth
1st 241’ 36’
2nd 244’ 36’ 6”
3rd 247’ 36’
4th 250’ 36’

The rise of the crown sheets on the first lift was 18’ 6” – they were supported when the gasholder was down – i.e. empty – on a pitch pine framework inside. The lifts had a ‘cup and curb’ detail where they met – an upturned flange on the higher lift interlocking with a downturned flange on the lower. The upturned flange was filled with water to give a gas-tight seal.

The gasholder was built in a brick-lined pit, puddled with clay on the outside and 37’ deep.

The weight of the fixed parts, including the standards, bracing, finials etc, was 875 tons and of the ‘floating’ parts, 995 tons.

The cost was £40,161 with the tanks adding a further £18,968.

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