Granton Gas Works

Walter Ralph Herring

Mr Herring was appointed Engineer at a meeting of the ELCGC on 12 February 1897. There were two other candidates on the short leet:

The vote was a close one, being decided on the casting vote of the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, the chairman of the ELCGC. Mr Herring's salary was fixed at £900, following a debate on a motion to pay him only £800. It was noted that his salary at Huddersfield was £850!

Mr Herring took up his duties in Spring 1897, at the age of 32, following the retirement of his predecessor, Mr Robert Mitchell.

In addition to his salary, he seems to have had a residence provided for him, initially at New Street but for most of his career at Granton House, adjacent to Granton Gas Works.

He resigned in 1910, by which time his salary was £1500. He was retained as a consultant at a sum of £500 a year. His successor was a Mr Masterson, an existing employee, who was initially paid £700 a year.

Mr Herring died on 26 November 1949, in Perth, Western Australia, at the age of 84.

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