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Sir Donald Pollock

Sir John Donald Pollock was born in Galashiels in 1868 and died in 1962. He studied Science at Glasgow University and Medicine at Edinburgh University. He was the Personal Physician and General Advisor to the Duke of Leinster (1907-26), served as Hon. Colonel Royal Army Ordnance Corps (1939) and Hon. Wing Commander of Royal Air Force (1939). He held many important positions including the Rector of Edinburgh University (1939-45) and Chairman or President of several large companies including British Oxygen Co. Ltd.

The Pollock Halls of Residence at the University of Edinburgh are named after him, the purchase of the site and construction of the initial part of the halls of residence having been funded by a substantial donation which he made.

He held the honours and qualifications of Hon. Surgeon Commander, 1st Bt, cr 1939; O.B.E.; R.N.V.R; LL.D; D.L.; M.D. (distn); C.M. Edin.; Hon D.Sc. Oxon; F.R.S.Edin.

Sir Donald Pollock provided funding for the locally based company Turbulayr Products Ltd, and lived for many years at Boswall Road.

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