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1. Who was responsible for building Granton Harbour?

  • The fifth Duke of Buccleuch
  • Forth Ports Authority
  • The ninth Duke of Buccleuch

2. Who was Thomas L Devlin?

  • A minister at Granton Parish Church
  • The first head teacher at Wardie School
  • The owner of a fleet of trawlers

3. Which was the first purpose-built car factory in the UK?

  • Ford Motor Co, Dagenham, Essex
  • Madelvic Motor Carriage Co, Granton
  • Vauxhall Motors, Vauxhall, London

4. How many churches are there on Boswall Parkway?

  • Three
  • Four
  • Five

5. What was the original purpose of HMS Claverhouse, Granton Square?

  • A school
  • A hotel
  • An office block

6. What is the name of the former Edinburgh City football ground at Pilton Drive?

  • Ainslie Park
  • Caroline Park
  • City Park

7. When was Royston Primary School built?

  • 1937
  • 1957
  • 1977

8. When was the first part of Granton Harbour opened?

  • King George VI’s Coronation Day, 1937
  • Queen Victoria’s Coronation Day, 1838
  • Queeen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, 1887

9. What was esparto grass, brought by ship to Granton Harbour, mainly used for?

  • Turf for sports grounds
  • Making paper
  • Making hats

10. What is the NLB, whose fleet was based at Granton and who had a depot there?

  • Northern Lighthouse Board
  • National Line-fishing Bureau
  • Naval Landing-craft Brigade

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