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Wardie Square

Photo: D King. Date: 21/8/2004

Wardie Square
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Wardie Road in the 1920s. Postcard donated by David Gosman

Photo: Courtesy David Gosman

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Wardie Road in October 2004

Photo: D King. Date: 10/10/2004

Wardie Road in the 1920s and more recently
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Afton Place

This street dates from 1886. The origin of the name is not clear.

Afton Terrace

This street dates from 1927.

Boswall Road

This street was named after the Boswall family, who owned the Wardie estate. The street appears to date from the 1840s at the latest. The use of the name continued with streets west of Granton Road in the 1920s.

The street did not originally connect directly with Primrose Bank Road – see the 1896 OS map. The connecting section of street had been made by 1933.

Boswall Road contains a number of interesting properties:

Lufra Bank

This street, off Granton Road close to the bend at the Wardie Burn, was named after Lufra Cottage, also known as Lufra House. It was built in 1850 by the Duke of Buccleuch as a yachting house, and had a cottage in the garden for a yachtsman. The Duke’s yacht was named Lufra, which had been the name of a dog owned by Sir Walter Scott.

Rosebank Gardens

This street was named on 27 February 1936.

Rosebank Grove

This street was named on 10 November 1955.

Rosebank Road

This street was formed in 1887.


The Wardie name is an old one, apparently having been used as far back as 1336. Previous spellings included Weirdie, and the name may mean a beacon or cairn. This reflected the height of the area, allowing a good view of the Firth of Forth. There was previously a Wardie Castle, in existence in 1544, and the area was mainly covered by Wardie Muir, which was largely desolate and unpopulated.

Wardie Avenue

This street was in existence in 1867.

Wardie Crescent

Wardie Crescent apparently dates from 1853. It originally gave access to Wardie Brick and Tile Works, but more recently provides a route to Boswall Parkway and the streets near it..

Wardie Dell

This street dates from 1975.

Wardie Grove

This street was named on 22 December 1932.

Wardie House Lane

This street was named in 1956. The name is from the adjacent Wardie House, shown on the 1896 OS map.

Wardie Park

This street was named on 3 January 1924.

Wardie Road

This street was in existence in 1867.

Wardie Square

Wardie Square was built along with the East Cottages on Lower Granton Road, by the Duke of Buccleuch. The square dates from about 1840.

Until 1920, the boundary of Leith passed through Wardie Square, and can still be identified as different paving has been maintained in the two parts. In the part of the square that was outside Leith, one of the buildings served as the County Police Station, the county being Midlothian.

Wardie Steps

The steps, connecting Wardie Square and Granton Road, are shown on the 1896 OS map but may not have been given a name until later.


This street dates from 1985.

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