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Inverleith Gardens in the 1920s. Postcard donated by David Gosman

Photo: Courtesy David Gosman

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Inverleith Gardens in October 2004

Photo: D King. Date: 10/10/2004

Inverleith Gardens in the 1920s and more recently
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The street now known as Ferry Road was referred to in various ways in the past, old maps showing ‘Road from Queensferry’, ‘Queensferry Road’ and so on, but it seems to have been described as Ferry Road by the middle of the nineteenth century. For most of its length it forms part of the A902, with a section at the west (Davidson’s Mains) end being part of the B9085.

Although the whole route is known as Ferry Road, sections also have ‘side names’, or had these in the past.

This page focuses on Ferry Road itself and streets to the north of it between Craighall Road and Davidson’s Mains – other streets are outside the area this website aims to cover.


Ferry Road

Buildings on Ferry Road include St Serf’s Church, Inverleith Parish Church, Oaklands School and Holy Cross Primary School. Also formerly on Ferry Road were the Northern General Hospital (now the site of Morrison’s supermarket) and Holy Cross Academy.

Ferry Gait Crescent

Ferry Gait Drive

Ferry Gait Walk

These three streets, off Ferry Road between Muirhouse and Silverknowes, were built between 2007 and 2010 approximately.

Ferry Road Avenue

Ferry Road Drive

Ferry Road Gardens

Ferry Road Grove

Ferry Road Place

For details of these five streets please see the West Pilton page.


This street dates from 1982, and, like West Winnelstrae is on part of the site of a large farm called Windlestrawlee (or Winnelstraelee). The former farmhouse can be seen on the 1933 street map.

Inverleith Gardens

This name applies to a short section of Ferry Road, west of Goldenacre.

West Ferryfield

This street is immediately west of Ferryfield.

West Winnelstrae

This street dates from 1981, and, like Ferryfield, is on part of the site of Windlestrawlee (or Winnelstraelee), which can be seen on the 1933 street map.

Other names

Side names include Bangholm Villas.


Other streets

Ferry Road Avenue, Ferry Road Gardens, Ferry Road Drive, Ferry Road Grove, Ferry Road Lane and Ferry Road Place are dealt with on the West Pilton page.

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